Arkansas Duck Hunting

Duck hunting in Arkansas has a long and rich history. Guides dog brings back a guests duck trophy Presidents, Senators, Supreme Court Justices, celebrities and countless waterfowl hunting enthusiasts travel to the Natural State to participate in the legendary hunt.

More mallards are harvested in Arkansas than in any other state and we consistently rank in the top three states for total duck harvest volume.

Why is Arkansas the Duck Hunting Capital of the World?

Arkansas hit the jackpot for conditions favorable to migrating waterfowl:

LOCATION – Situated at the narrow neck of the funnel-shaped Mississippi flyway, Eastern Arkansas is host to millions of migrating ducks every year. Many stop to rest, feed and even winter here due to the abundance of rice and water.

RICE – Migrating ducks burn a lot of stored calories while traveling to their winter homes. Flooded rice fields are their preferred re-fueling stations. Arkansas grows more rice than any other state, accounting for some 46% of domestic production. Migrating birds thrive in this highly nutritious environment where they feed on waste grain, weed sprouts and seeds, and aquatic invertebrates.

Sarge Pic Small 213x156WATER – Ducks migrate south searching for food and open water. In autumn, after the rice is harvested, farmers block the drainage outlets and flood their fields. The hard pan soil of the Arkansas Grand Prairie holds water on the land during the winter months, creating an ideal habitat for migratory waterfowl. With the decline of natural wetlands across much of the southern states, ducks and geese utilize these flooded fields more than ever for winter refuge.

Despite its renowned reputation, duck season in Arkansas can confound hunters unfamiliar with the region and its variable conditions. Because so many waterfowl enthusiasts come here to hunt, land accessible to the public is often under a lot of pressure.

Here’s where we come in. Our experienced, friendly guides have spent years hunting here and have access to some of the area’s premier private hunting land. Duck season in Arkansas is an experience not to be missed.

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